Commercial Diving Services

Inshore/Onshore Commercial Diving Services:

•  Inspection and repair of underwater constructions of port dock and hydraulic structures;
•  Inspection, repair and construction of passage of gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water-pipes, and     drainage culverts;
•  Laying communication and power supply cables beneath rivers, lakes, and seas;
•  Inspection, repair and construction of engineering water input and output structures;
•  Inspection, cleaning and repair of water input wells;
•  Inspection and cleaning of the bottom of aquatorium, measurements;
•  Coast strengthening works;
•  Underwater welding and cutting;
•  Underwater blasting works;
•  CP Probe (Cathodic protection potential) measurements;
•  Metal thickness measurements;
•  Underwater concreting;
•  Dredging support;
•  Recovery of lost equipment;
•  Side scan sonar survey;
•  Ultrasonic - damage and crack detection in underwater concrete constructions.

Ship Husbandry services:

•  In water survey for class;
•  Documented ship inspection for owner;
•  Hull thickness measurement;
•  Zinc anode replacement;
•  Underwater Transducer replacement and repair;
•  Blank off sea chests;
•  Propeller cleaning & polishing;
•  Hull and sea chest between bars cleaning.
Marine salvage, recovery of lost anchors and equipment.

In case if we are not mention for some services above, do not hesitate to contact us we will be pleasant to help you.