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LYYN T38™ is the portable solution to your visibility problems in fog, haze, smoke, dust, rain, low-light, subsea, etc.

The true power of LYYN T38™ is that the visibility enhancement is done in real-time in a live video stream. And you can also use it on stored material. Use the LYYN T38™ to enhance the feed from a surveillance camera in a video security system. Or to enhance a video tape in a camera brought back to office after some inspection fieldwork. Or wherever you need to see more with video.

The LYYN Inside™ solution for analog PAL/NTSC video. Each video frame is optimized for contrast and color spectrum to make it as “natural” as possible to the human eye. 

Even the smallest fragments of color and object shape can be extracted from the camera sensor. And all this is done in real-time.

LYYN HAWK SYSTEM - One viewer - many cameras. By installing the LYYN Hawk System together with a video switch it is possible to add LYYN to the whole system. The operator can choose and switch any camera through the unit, providing lyynification™ wherever it is needed.