ROV Production

Latvia based company Eprons ROV produces series and special ordered remote operated vehicles (ROV).

We combine over 10 years of engineering experience in developing and producing ROV and providing underwater technical services. With this experience we currently design and build ROV for the professional market of underwater technology, mainly for underwater exploration, search and rescue and surveying tasks.

Main benefits are low weight of the system that gives good mobility. The models available with working depths till 300 meters and cable length up to 1200 meters, that gives possibility to operate in hard to reach places.

All electronic "stuffing" of the robot is created on its own production base and consists from modern, mass-produced industrial components. The mechanical component is created on its own production base. Each node of ROV individually and himself underwater vehicle as a whole undergo several stages of testing. All this provides the highest level of reliability of ROV.

Underwater vehicle does not require any special maintenance. There is no need to change the oil. All system consist of three parts - the underwater robot, surface control panel from which the management of all ROV functions, and tether winch.

Warranty on the ROV - two years.